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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost for me to design and build a small business website?

For a small business website, the starting cost is about $500 to design and build a site. A small business website should have at least 5 pages: Home page, About page, Services page, Faq page, and Contact page. Keep in mind that building your website involves coding your website for both desktop and mobile devices.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes I would. I believe in helping other small business owners because I am a small business owner myself. I strongly believe in helping other like minded small business owners.

Will my website moblie ready?

Yes. When I set up your small business website and your hosting, your website's code will be available to you on Github. As far as your hosting, I will set you up with the best web hosting company in my opinion, Amazon Web Services. You can start and stop hosting anytime and it's really the best option in my opinion.

Will my newly built website make me appear on the first page of google?

While I wish I can say yes, I cannot. There are many factors that go into Search Engine Optimization. The age of your web domain (your website name) is definitely one of them, the keywords you choose to rank for, backlinks to your website, how long people stay on your page, and more. It can take some time. But from what I've seen, there are a lot of local businesses with websites that are lacking basic SEO. There are things that we can do and that I will recommend like creating videos for your small business, that will help get your business ranked and seen by more people. This will be on a case by case basis.

Will a video about my small business really help my small business website rank better?

The anwswer is a loud yes. Videos on your small business website will not only help you rank better in the search engines, the right video can help you land more business and customers.

How much does a video production cost for my small business?

A video for your small business will start at $500. We can make different videos to help you small business website rank higher, and also help get you more customers.

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